Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are a whole lot more convenient than standard ones, except for when they run out of batteries – then you’d wish you had carried with you a spare, ordinary shaver that does its job even when the whole world’s power supply is cut off. Then again, nobody would be there to look at your growing stubble when there is no light, right? The Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver works differently as you will have to hand-crank it yourself before it can get to work on liberating your skin from stubble.

The Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver provides true liberty through its Wind ‘N Go lever, avoiding any need to use actual electricity. One minute of winding, and you’ve got yourself enough power for a full shave! It also comes with three individual heads that properly flex and rotate to provide a close and precise performance. And for any on-the-go users, it comes with a travel case, which includes a mirror, cleaning brush and adapters (110 volt power adapter and 12 volt car charger).

Hair is not included, while replacement blades and foils can be purchased separately. It won’t provice the same power you would get with top-rated hair clippers, but for traveling it’s more than enough to keep your bear well groomed. The Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver will set you back by $49.99.