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Free Use Of Samsung Smartphones For Selected Tourists To Korea

korea-phoneSouth Korea happens to be the home country of two major consumer electronics behemoths – LG and Samsung, and the country also boasts of having the highest number of Internet-connected users per capita of any large nation. SK Telecom happens to be one major wireless telecommunications providers in South Korea, and they will work alongside the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) as well as Samsung Electronics Co. in order to deliver promises in the “Enjoy Mobile Korea” program. This “Enjoy Mobile Korea” program will see Samsung smartphones being lent out to tourists for free, now how about that?

Basically, visitors are able to sign up under the “Enjoy Mobile Korea” program so that they are able to make use of these smartphones for up to five days – without having to fork out a single Korean won. Of course, not every single tourist will be able to do so, as only 250 lucky tourists will be able to do so at the airport, and the package includes the daily use of 1GB of data.

KTO’s VisitKorea application will arrive pre-installed on these rental smartphones, where the app offers easy access to information in multi-languages so that just about anyone will be able to enjoy their visit to the country. It functions as a smart tour guide even when no one else is around, accompanied by discount coupons and routing services, among others, regardless of where you are traveling in South Korea. There is no word on the launch date for this service yet, but chances are Incheon International Airport would be one of the main points to pick up the handset. Will we be seeing the FCC-approved Galaxy S7 be part of the offer, or will tourists be given a choice of phones to choose from like the Galaxy S6?

Only time will be able to tell, but it looks like one will have to sign up with the Korea Tourism Organization’s website beforehand in order to be in the running.