Free electricity a reality form Energy Bike Generator has just shown off a tiny portable energy bike that is able to churn out to power in order to recharge its portable solar powered generators, now how about that for clean energy that is sustainable in the long run of things? The company has managed to modify its fitness bike, allowing it to end up as a hybrid electric generator bike which is not only light – making it extremely portable along the way, but it is also full well capable of charging up just about any cell phone or 12 volt battery regardless of whether it is during the day or at night. Heck, it can also produce household AC 120 volt electricity on demand when it is paired to a small inverter.

 Available just about now, is currently working on its tiny and yet powerful modified fitness bikes so that your energy thirsty devices can be juiced up. This free energy green device was developed to recharge its 1500-watt solar rechargeable generators that the company sells, and when the sun decides to play hide and seek behind the clouds, or during the night, the energy bike will step up to the plate, taking over the energy providing tasks from the solar panels when it comes to charging or simply producing power on demand.

Jan Hrkach, owner of, said, “Having a Solar Powered Generator is a great idea for back up power when you need it; however, if the sun decides not to shine having another method besides solar for charging the generators was needed. Small hand cranks generators are available for use but produce little power and are difficult to manage. I could not find a generator bike I liked to offer my clients, so I got to work and created the charge bike to be used with the Solar Generators.”

This does seem to be a useful addition in any area that is under developed and yet does not have its power needs fulfilled.

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