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FPSBrain – the gamer pill

fpsbrain.jpgHardcore gamers are known for their dedication to gaming for hours on end, forgoing essentials such as a nice warm bath, piping hot food and the sweet bliss of sleep just to remain at the top of the heap when it comes to high scores. Mountain Dew and Jolt Cola have long been mainstays in the gaming community as revitalizing potions drinks, but here comes a new chap – FPSBrain from Germany. This pill was specially designed by FPS players for FPS players, claiming to contain “only ingredients that have been tested and are approved in Germany” which will keep you awake long after your eyelids have given up fighting against gravity. I’d seriously take this pill with more than a grain of salt – perhaps an extra pinch or two will jolt me back into reality.

Product Page via OhGizmo!