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Fossil wants you to get up and about with the Fossil Q

fossil-qWearable technology has certainly progressed by leaps and bounds over the years, but this certainly does not mean that there is no more room for improvement. Far from it. In fact, there have been more and more hardware manufacturers that are jumping aboard the wearable tech bandwagon, which is a good thing for us end users since it would provide us with a better range of devices and wares to choose from. Fossil has stepped forward with their latest wearable device, calling it the Fossil Q. I suppose with smartwatches like the BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch, things are heating up in the scene.

The Fossil Q is a whole lot more than just a regular connected accessory, where it is simple enough to be worn for everyday use, and yet carries with it a sense of fashion. Not only that, it will also be able to ignite one’s curiosity, sparking you to explore new places and experience new adventures. The Fossil Q can be said to be a line of fashionable connected accessories that showcase the design excellence, expert craftsmanship and bit of whimsy that defines Fossil. It will be made up of not one, but two different kinds of connected watches (both display and non-display) as well as a couple of styles of connected bracelets, where one would target the men, while the other would target the ladies.

The Q Reveler will function as your trusted aide, where it knows just how far you have run, notifying you of only the people and apps you care about while pushing you to be more daring and exploring other places around you. You can also keep track of who is contacting you via a subtle nudge and color LEDs. The Q Reveler will come with a $125 sticker price tag.

As for the Q Dreamer, this is a fitness tracker which does resemble that more of a bracelet than anything else, which means it is nigh impossible to commit any kind of fashion faux pas while wearing this. You can opt for a leather band for work and a silicone band while working out, and other options are also available for you to pick from. Gentle vibrating alerts and customized color notifications for key contacts and apps let you stay in touch all the time in style, and this too, will cost $125.

The other models would be the Q Grant and Q Founder, which will retail from $175 to $275, respectively.

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