Forget the Pony, get the kid a KOTA


It appears that the 2008 Toy Fair in New York has brought out the best in everyone, including Playskool. This year, the famous preschool toy company has unveiled the KOTA, a soft walking Triceratops dinosaur that simulates a ‘riding’ experience.

It not only pretends to ‘walk’ when kids interact with it, it can also talk. Apparently, it can make “authentic” dinosaur roars, but I’m not sure how Playskool knows what an authentic dinosaur roar sounds like. (Have they been around that long?) Needless to say, there are eleven areas on the KOTA body that will cause a reaction in the head, tail, or horns.

Children can hold on to a handle on the back of the head as they ‘ride’, and I’m assuming its OSHA approved and KOTA doesn’t travel at high speeds – in fact, it remains stationary. KOTA will even make “fun jungle sounds” to offer a more authentic experience. To add to this fun, the kid rider can flip a switch on the handle to hear adventure-themed songs.

Not only will the KOTA walk and speak, but it will also eat. If a kid gives KOTA some of the included leafy greens, it will munch and eat them. Let’s hope it doesn’t digest them.

The KOTA takes 6 D batteries, and should be available this Fall for about $300. Just between you and me, I hope that KOTA goes all Jurassic Park on us and try and eat that new Elmo. Tickle that!


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