Forget the Segway, ride a Trikke!

I suppose that the Segway industry really has yet to take off, but I like the idea of personal mobility. I suppose I would have to group the Trikke with Segway-style products, but the Trikke has three wheels and not two self-balancing ones.
I got a chance to ride a Trikke at CES 2012, and I found that it was about as difficult to learn as a self-balancing motorcycle. At first, I was a little hesitant to make any sharp turns, but I found that with a little practice, the Trikke is highly maneuverable.
The maximum speed on it is 17 mph, but you’ll probably cruise along at about 12 mph. It is completely electirc with zero emissions, and is good for 24 miles per charge. The battery just plugs into the wall, and it is easily swappable.
The Trikke can fold down to a smaller shape, sort of like a stroller, so it is easily portable. It really does have a lot of personal mobility uses like security, tourism, and just getting around conveniently overall.
As you might have guessed, this fun doesn’t come cheap. The 36 Volt lite costs $1,299.99, the 3G Volt costs $1,899.99, and the 48 Volt costs $2,199.99. You can check out all the individual features on the official website.