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Forge Solid KILO might be tiny, but it ain’t light

forge-solid-kiloMost of the time, we would make the association that something which is small, will also be light. However, it might be a mistake in doing so with the Forge Solid KILO from Thinkgeek. The name itself is rather tricky, as it can be quite difficult to figure out what it is at first glance, and even when you hold it in the palm of your hands. Basically, the Forge Solid KILO can be said to be made out of aerospace-grade (95% pure) tungsten, where you will be able to choose from KILO or 1″ Cubed.

It ain’t light, that is for sure. Depending on what you pick, the price can start from $99.99 and it will go all the way to $299.99 a pop. The Forge Solid KILO can be a rather tough sell online, because words don’t do it justice – you will need to hold it in your hands in order to have an idea on what it is, and how it works. It is said to be heavy of course, really heavy, but until you carry it for yourself, you will just have to take our word for it. One thing is for sure, the KILO is well worth having around on your desk or on a coffee table, where the curious would definitely make an attempt to pick it up – before they realize that it is really heavy. The smaller 1″ Cubed version is cuter, but it still tips the scales at more than half a pound, thanks to Tungsten’s density. I would say that this makes for a perfect paperweight.

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