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Ford Unveils Earth-friendly Dashboard

I believe it was Al Gore in his book Earth in the Balance who said that an ordinary car is one of the greatest threats to the environment. Clearly, all automotive companies need to be thinking about Mother Earth the next time they roll their next model off the assembly line.

I suppose this is why Ford has come up with a new dashboard that literally shows you how earth-safe your driving is. Part of it has to do with measuring your fuel efficiency, which is not gauged by a meter or a number, but a picture of a vine.

Apparently, if your driving is fuel-efficient, the vine will start budding and blooming until it is healthy. However, if you are wasting gas, you will be forced to watch that vine shrivel up and die. Yes, it is odd to have a visual cue instead of an exact scientific reading, but I guess we consumers have been trained to react to pictures instead of raw data.

Personally, I think this new type of dashboard is nice simply because it looks cool. I mean, look at it, it’s like selecting new tracks for iTunes, for crying out loud! Of course, that type of display can’t be cheap, so you’re probably looking at a few hundred dollars being tacked on to the Ford in your future.


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6 thoughts on “Ford Unveils Earth-friendly Dashboard”

  1. Are bail out money at work! How about cars and trucks that are designed not to fall a part in six years? How about assembly lines that can be quickly re-tooled to adjust to trends and needs of the consumer? It looks cool but, if you put a gauge on my dash that is relevant to the operation to the driver.

  2. “we consumers have been trained to react to pictures instead of raw data.”
    It must has something to do with post-modern educational methods which have made whole generations of science illiterates. Or illiterates, period.

  3. @neagle – Ford did not get any bailout money. This design is similar to what is being rolled out on the Insight and Prius as well. I think I saw a similar design on Nissan hybrids as well. Pictures make it easier to roll out to other countries, everyone understands a growing plant, but Pounds of smog forming emissions per mile, or kg/km gets a little harder.

  4. Yipee! That’s one great thing for mother earth. Its about time companies start doing this. We are aiming to hit 1 million good deeds for 2009 and this is one GREAT deed. Share it with us at A Global Tribe

  5. wht the fuck is this?? A fucking vine on my dashboard? What if I dont wannna drive “eco-friendly”? ever thought of that dumbass ecomentalists? Jsut because the media spits out hype about being eco-friendly and green and shit ike “you cant drive your car as much and drive the same way or drive the same type of cars, etc.” Fuck this eco-bullshit! I’ve had enough of this fucking propaganda regurgitated by socialised powermonging liberals!

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