What Ford was doing at CTIA Fall 2010

As an attendant of CTIA Fall 2010, I couldn’t figure out what Ford Motor company was doing there. As it turns out, they were promoting the MyFord Touch. I got to get behind a tricked-out dashboard, and saw why they wanted to show off.

The set-up for MyFord Touch reminded me of the Earth-friendly dashboard I reported on over a year ago. I had one of their spokespersons show it to me, and I’ll do my best to convey my experience to you.

That screen that you see in the photo is a full touchscreen, and it allows the user/driver full control of Navigation, Climate, Entertainment and Phone. Each of these functions have a different color-code, accessible on the four corners of the screen. MyFord Touch also has two 4.2 inch LCD screens that flank the central speedometer for information to the driver at a glance.

Green is the color code for Navigation and it will guide you with turn-by-turn, and will even allow for vocal search. So if you say “Find Ice Cream”, and you can select several options. You can even call the place, as it links with the Phone (which is Yellow color-coded).

The Entertainment (Red color code) is also vocally controlled, and tunes can be taken from an SD card and USB port. The last color code is Blue, for Climate control.

The SYNC is available on the 2011 Edge, and will be available on the Explorer later this year.