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Thonet & Vander announces Hoch Bluetooth speaker

hoch-btWe live in times that treasure portability all the time, and with this, you can be sure that anything with cables – should there be an opportunity to ensure that cables are not required, then such an opportunity should be seized with both hands. This means the explosion of wireless speakers is not an exclusive phenomenon in the consumer electronics world, where Thonet & Vander have announced the availability of the Hoch Bluetooth speaker.

This signature Hoch Bluetooth speaker that has hit US shores will set one back by $299.99 a pop, where it has been specially designed with structural purism alongside elegant aesthetics in mind. The Hoch BT will be able to offer audio purity and flat response courtesy of its avant-garde developments, such as the patented Hammer Bass and Drone FX.

It will be made from HDAA high density wood which will help to prevent loss of sound and features an antimagnetic shield that would help to block out external interferences, making the Hoch BT the perfect sound system for your entertainment center. With Bluetooth 4.0 technology being thrown into the mix, you will be free to control your sound in an untethered manner. Specially designed with structural purism in mind, the elegant wooden bookshelf speakers would do away with the need for an extra amplifier or receiver, and users have the choice to crank it up to full volume without hearing any cracks, hums or interference.

Apart from that, the Hoch BT will also boast of unique technologies that hail from years of R & D from the Thonet & Vander team, such as Hammer Bass. Hammer Bass enables one to hear bass in a deeper and adjusted way, which will magnify the impact of low frequencies while delivering sound with greater fidelity. As for Drone FX, it will be able to play treble in a clear and natural manner which will further enhance the detail in the entire frequency range. Merging these technologies together alongside a 70W output would let listeners enjoy music at full volume with minimal distortion.

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