For gas station style hot dogs the Automatic Hot Dog Grill Roller

Automatic Hot Dog Grill Roller

It’s usually best for all parties involved that I don’t cook and sadly that even includes something as simple as grilling a hot dog on an electrical BBQ.  It’s just not good.  I have a tendency to get distracted or take them off too soon in fear of me screwing it up if I leave them on much longer.  Yes I know, it’s really quite sad.  I tend to eat like the stereotypical bachelor, frozen dinners and Ramen noodles.  Well with this little gadget, I might manage to at least get an even burn on my hot dogs and actually add something new to my diet.

This little tool inspired by the Seven-11 cookers will rotate your hot dogs for you.  Then you can get those gas station style hot dogs without having to worry if it will land you with food poisoning.  Pretty sure they do leave those hot dogs there a month before they actually get rid of them.  Frankly, if I have never seen the workers eat one, I’m not touching it.  This will hold up to 5 hot dogs and is powered by 4 AA batteries.  To get one it will cost you $39.95.