For eating and working


The Spork thing has never really done it for me, as it does not actually do anything more than either of the two items can do on their own. What we really need is something that serves a proper dual purpose, not just being content with cutlery that we can just use for eating with, what we really want while we are eating our lunch, is a tool that can help with our jobs too! This is where the cleverly named “Wrench ware” comes into its own.

What could better than sitting there eating your lunch, probably a salad, when you notice that there is a nut that needs tightening on the machinery that you have been working on, you have to fix it right away otherwise you may forget and then you would be in trouble with the boss.

What can you do? Stop eating your lunch and get your hands dirty again, or while eating your lunch quickly tighten up that lose nut and carry on with your lunching all at the same time, impossible you think? Not with the Wrench ware cutlery set, this knife, fork and spoon set have been cleverly brought together with the tools of the trade, spanners and wrenches, so now there are no excuses for missing interrupting your lunch, in fact there is no need to have a lunch break at all now, for you can work and eat at the same time.

The set of three are made from stainless steel and will cost around $24.

Source [Giz Wiz]

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