For all you Carb Counters out there!


As I was eating my fresh French Baguette and drinking a nice large and delicious fruit smoothie while surfing the internet for cool new and interesting thingamajigs, I noticed the Cal-Carb Clicker. Personally, I don’t diet very much and I surely don’t count my carbohydrates, it would be a waste of time with all the Newcastle Brown Ale I drink on a regular basis. But for you carb counters out there this little widget could keep you in check and in step with your wacky diet!

The Cal-Carb Counter, interestingly enough, keeps track of your carbohydrate and caloric intake. I think my mom is on the Atkins Diet…could be a good birthday present for her, although gentlemen be careful when purchasing this for a woman, it could lead to the age old question, “Why’d you buy me this, Do you think I’m fat?” There is no way outta that one!

The top number on the counter keeps track of calories, the middle carbs, and the bottom button watches your water intake. It can be purchased at for only 19.95. Let’s see, 6 Newcastles equals 900 calories and 90 grams of carbs…ahhh forget it! I’m not even going to think about how the Philly cheese steak I had for lunch would break the little Carb Counter.