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Football World Cup special contact lenses


We’ve filed these bizarre contact lenses under “Football Gadgets”. They’re certainly striking – if you’ll pardon the football pun!

These cool-looking contact lenses were manufactured by a German optician, Stephanie Berndt, to celebrate the forthcoming football World Cup.

Our sports coach always used to shout; “Keep your eye on the ball!” but with these lenses it’s more a case of “Keep the ball on your eye”.

The contact lenses, modelled here by Stefanie herself, are available for just $54 (including another pair with an image of the German flag). The only problem for me is that my eyes tested OK at the last appointment, so I guess I can’t wear them for this World Cup. Another thing’s at the back of my mind: can you actually see properly when you’re wearing them?

Unfortunately, Stefanie doesn’t have a website at this time, so you’ll have to pop over to Munich in person to get hold of the set. I’m sure there’ll be a big queue this summer.

 Found via Dvorak.

5 thoughts on “Football World Cup special contact lenses”

  1. LOL I don’t know much about contact lenses. I’m sure they must be safe if they’re designed by an optician.

  2. “Football Gadgets” Cool contact lenses – Are you sure these are safe and recommended by opticians?

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