Foot Light Slippers

Slipper Lights

If, like me, you have to navigate your way around an obstacle course to get anywhere in the house (particularly when a certain someone leaves all their tools/paint cans/books/cables, etc, lying around because they can’t be bothered to put them away or “haven’t quite finished with them yet” – and you know who I’m talking about), it can be a real pain in the posterior (sometimes literally) when getting up in the night to get to the bathroom.

However, you can now get hold of illuminated slippers – thereby not only protecting your feet from harmful debris but also lighting the way through the mass of accumulated clutter on his half of the bedroom. OK, so they’re in the shape of a big red car so possibly aimed at the grown up little boys out there, but cool all the same.

Available from What on Earth, found via Techie Diva via Shiny Shiny.

Oh, did I mention, I’m a girl who likes “tidy” – a concept my other half doesn’t seem to get!