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Foobot set to awe crowds at CES 2016

foobotThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a mecca for companies who would like to showcase the latest and greatest to the world. After all, it is one of the biggest stages to make an announcement, especially if you have your very own product that you would like to make a splash with. Of course, if you are a company like Apple, you can also hold your own event where everyone more or less knows what you are going to reveal at that particular event. Still, there is a room and place for various companies at CES, and Foobot would like to leverage that advantage by exhibiting its innovative indoor air quality device there. The Foobot exhibit will address not only environmental but personal health priorities as well, where it boasts specific features which will target both businesses and consumers who would like to know how to take control of their indoor air quality.

With many of us spending up to 90% of our daily life indoors, it goes without saying that having an air purifier of some sort would be a good thing to own. After all, our indoor living spaces are 3 to 8 times more polluted than outdoors, which results in allergies, spreads sickness, decreases productivity and impairs our health over time. Foobot ensures that you can “see” in order to “control” the situation, as it is the first intelligent device that has been designed to monitor and improve indoor air quality.

Foobot will educate users on the occurrences and causes of indoor air pollution through a mobile application, where users will be provided with actionable advice and suggested corrective actions. Some of Foobot’s core features include monitoring via high-tech sensors and algorithms to track particle matter, gas pollutants, temperature and humidity; in addition to warning as real-time alerts and notifications indicating changes in indoor air quality are delivered.

After a few days of use, Foobot is able to recognize specific pollution patterns and provides informed, actionable advice so that users are encouraged to modify their behavior to reduce indoor pollutants. Foobot comes with a recommended retail price of $199 a pop.

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