Fonejackerhacker brings together the old and the new

M. Booth is the enterprising brain behind this device that brings together the old and new – a rotary telephone alongside an iPod.

The Rotary Dial 1940’s Phone is fitted with an iPhone speaker dock. One speaker is located behind the dial (10w) on the front of the phone and two speakers in the handset (2x 3w). The IR sensor and controls are fitted to the side of the phone and the docking port is hidden under the receiver when the handset is off. I would like to get this working so when the handset is removed the power turns on, and turns off when returned. The 3.5mm external port still works when the power cable is removed.

Would this actually take off in a big way when it is released? Sure, if you’re fond of retro-looking items that are able to groove with the latest technology, but most people will probably settle for something more subtle to reflect their sophistication – how else do you explain the fact that they’re toting an iPod and not a Zune?

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