FoldiMate perfects their clothes folding machine

Doing the laundry is one of the inescapable chores of life, making it as essential as death and taxes. Once the laundry has completed its wash, spin and dry cycles, there is also the challenge of folding up the entire stack in a neat manner. Why not let home automation get the job done on your behalf with the FoldiMate? Yes, there is even a robot that is more than capable of folding your laundry now, although do not expect it to be as deft or quick as a seasoned veteran around the home.

A new, fully functional prototype is already available at the moment, and I presume that it is only a matter of time before the FoldiMate is fully commercialized in order to realize its financial potential. Having improved by leaps and bounds from its predecessor, the new FoldiMate prototype is able to automatically adapt to the clothing item type and size. A full load of laundry can theoretically be folded in less than five minutes (that would mean approximately 25 different items, now how about that for being efficient?).

Using the FoldiMate is so easy that even the little ones are able to take advantage of it. All that one needs to do is to feed individual items into the FoldiMate machine and it will get to work right away, with the FoldiMate neatly folding all kinds of laundry such as shirts, tops, blouses, pants (six years old up to XXL) and even medium-sized towels. The FoldiMate’s all-new redesign also makes it highly desirable to place anywhere you would like in the house. In fact, I would say that if one were to purchase this when available, it would be a waste to place it in the basement where no visitors to the home are able to take a good look at it.

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