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FoldiMate makes being lazy easier than ever


There are some products I come across which make me question where humanity is headed. We already have convenience at our fingertips, and the sky is the limit with what we can do. Of course, making so many things easy to use and access breeds a special type of laziness. It’s not that we mean to, but it’s so simple to start taking the conveniences of every day life for granted.

If you want to worsen this dependency on things being done for you at the literal press of a button, then FoldiMate is going to be your favorite new addition to your household. You clip your clothes onto the machine, press a button, and your clothes come out freshly folded. Of course, you’re not going to pay out $700-850 for a laundry folding machine alone. That would be silly.

In addition to folding your shirts with unnecessary precision, this will also remove wrinkles, perfume, soften, and treat your clothes as they come through (only pants, shirts, and towels though). There’s no washing or drying of clothing though, so you’ll still need to use the two other machines on top of this. You will definitely finish your laundry two times faster, but your electricity, getting replacement softener and scent capsules, and the cost of machine maintenance will add a hefty sum to your monthly bills. The plus side is that it’s so easy to use that even your kids won’t be able to mess it up. The downside is that they won’t know how to fold laundry.

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