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Foldaway Rowing Machine lets you exercise in the comfort of your own home

foldaway-rowing-machineNow that you have more or less settled down into the routine that 2015 offers, it might be time to take a back seat and see whether your strategies employed have been working or not. Perhaps when it comes to fitness issues, you might have fallen behind on your schedule, and are unable to shed off those pounds as much as you would have liked from around the waist. Having said that, maybe you need something that is a whole lot more convenient – perhaps working out from home would be a great idea. The $149.95 Foldaway Rowing Machine gives you such an opportunity, where it will come with five different resistance levels that are more than capable of delivering a full-body home workout in the same vein as that of the Rowbike.

Once you are done sweating it out on this bad boy, all that you need to do is to fold it away and it can be stashed away in double quick time. Thanks to its smooth hydraulics, padded handlebars and seat, accompanied by pivoting pedals, one would end up with a machine that encourages a complete, fluid stroking motion that will ensure your heart, core muscles, and limbs get a total workout. Hook-and-loop fasteners would further secure the feet in position, while there is a digital monitor that keeps track of your workout duration, pace, and calories burned – just make sure at least a single AA battery is around to keep it juiced up.