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Foldaway Resistance Gym lets you sweat it out anywhere

foldaway-resistance-gymSo, you happen to want to kickstart the battle of the bulge, but somehow the place in which you live in does not have the facilities of a gym. What do you do then – head on to the local gym and purchase a membership? Well, if social skills are not your strong suit, and you would very much prefer to settle for a more intimate workout experience which has its privacy, perhaps the $149.95 Foldaway Resistance Gym will fit the bill perfectly.

The Foldaway Resistance Gym is a resistance exercise machine which is touted to offer that provides a total body workout, but the magic in it would be the ability to be able to fold up to a remarkably slim 6.5″ for easy storage, now how about that? It will make use of the strength-building capability of several bulkier machines, where this deceivingly comprehensive trainer relies on a trio of interchangeable elastic bands of increasing resistance which in turn would enable 50 different exercises for arms, back, shoulders, legs, and abdominals. Once you are one, simply fold it up and place it under the bed or hang it by the door. Each purchase will be accompanied by an instructional workout guide and a DVD for a structured exercise regimen. It is made out of sturdy 100% carbon steel, and can support weight of up to 350 lbs.