Fold up your BBQ and take it anywhere

Folding Grill

I hate admitting this, but I’m a horrible cook. I generally stick to things that involve either a microwave or boiling water. Sometimes I’ll actually use the oven, but only if it’s something simple. Needless to say I don’t do any grilling, and wouldn’t carry around a portable grill if I could. However, if you’re the kind of person that lives to grill and grills to live, check out this cool folding BBQ.

This cool grill folds up to only around an inch thick. You can fold it out and dump in your charcoal and be ready to make some real food. While this seems like an excellent idea for those times when you’re going to be in the great outdoors and need a grill, you’re going to have issues when it’s time to go. If that thing isn’t cooled down, expect to get a few burns when loading it up. You can get your hands on one for around $40.

Source: Geekologie