Fohawx – Making Safety Cool, one Helmet at a Time

My daughter hates to wear her helmet. She says its hot, it feels weird, and its not cool.  I always try to recount some horrendous emergency room scenarios that involve fracturedskulls and hundreds of stiches. She doesnt see how having your head cracked open is a whole lot less cool than an ugly helmet. I make her wear it, but I know she secretly grumbles about it behind my back.

The folks over at Fohawx know just how kids feel, inspired by their own little pain in… I mean kid, who also hated wearing his helmet. When the resourceful older sister glued a strip of colored papers down the center of  the helmet, a new idea was born. Check out Fohawx, a line of uber-cool accessories that attach to any of your kids safety helmets, transforming them into instant fashion statements.

On the slopes, at the rink or hell on wheels, Fohawx allows your kids to choose from a pretty wide range of designs, each with their own very special attitude. Kids can choose from wind whipped dreadlocks, wacky and colorful punk styles and high-top Mohawks. Fohawx are made to wear, collect, and swap, and they are just crazy enough that my daughter might actually ask to wear her helmet, she wants us both to get one… but I think I’m just a little too grown up to pull off a look that cool.

Fohawx are available now in 5 different styles for both girls and boys, for under 20 bucks. Visit to purchase, or for more information.