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Fog Filled Bubble Machine

Want to have some fun in your home? The Fog Filled Bubble Machine might just do the trick, as it is more or less guaranteed to keep little ones entertained especially during these summer month. This machine will actually fill up the air with bubbles that release plumes of eerie fog the moment they pop, being a whole lot more different compared to a regular bubble machine. Capable of churning out up to 150 bubbles per minute into the air, you can also choose to adjust the size of the bubbles produced, ranging from baseball-sized to table tennis ball-sized bubbles. There are separate reservoirs within the machine to hold fog solution. A full reservoir is good for up to 5 hours worth of bubbles (that’s around 8,000 if you’re a mathematician). Forget about throwing rice to keep a vampire occupied while you make haste this Halloween season – let him count the number of bubbles instead, and even if he does so in an instant, at least the released fog might slow him down somewhat. The Fog Filled Bubble Machine can be yours for $69.95.