Fog Creek Copilot

You know the scene. The phone rings and that computationally challenged friend / relative / coworker is in trouble. They’ve bought something, installed it and now the screen is asking them all kinds of funny questions. They clicked “yes” to something and all kinds of strange things are happening.

Oh, and they’re 1/2 hours drive away and they have something urgent to do tomorrow and could you please help them out?

Well now you can! Copilot is a very nice implementation of desktop remote control software. It’s based on VNC which is nothing new in itself but their implementation manages to get around things like firewalls so that you can just connect remotely to their PC and have a look for yourself.

The thing that impressed me about the copilot service is how easy it is to use from both ends. Just tell the other party to go to and tap in the code you give them. A tiny, custom VNC client is downloaded and voila, you are in control. They can see exactly what you’re doing and possibly more importantly you can see what they’re doing.

I’ve used remote support software before but it’s usually hassle getting it through your average NAT router. The copilot service just worked when I tried it, and you get a 2 minute free trial to check it out.

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