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Focal reveals new outdoor speaker range

focal-speakerWhen it comes to outdoor speakers, there are many brands out there, with Braven with one of them that have more often than not come under the spotlight for many a time with their collection of speakers that are able to brave the elements and yet pump out your favorite tunes without missing a beat. Still, do not forget that there are also other players in the outdoor speaker market, and Focal from France is one of them, having announced their latest range of outdoor speakers which will arrive in the US for the very first time. The models in question would be the Custom OD 108 and OD 108-T and the Chorus OD 706-V and OD 706-VT, where they all boast of high-quality components which results in an aural experience even in open air outdoor environments.

Both the OD 108 and OD 706-V will arrive with an 8 Ohm (Ω) impedance speaker for traditional connection to an AV receiver or amplifier, and it must also be noted that both models will also be available in 70V/100V versions for long range and mid-range configurations.

The advent of tiny and portable Bluetooth speakers has made life easier when it comes to playing music outdoors, but those will not be similar to having a single pair or multiple pairs of outdoor speakers placed around the backyard or outdoor installation. This is where the OD 108 and OD 706-V come in, delivering an incredible soundstage, high-performance crystal-clear audio that covers a large frequency range as well as other convenient features so that one can mount those just about anywhere. A couple of sizes and a pair of configurations for each model make them just about perfect for any home.

The new Custom and Chorus Outdoor Series are tipped to arrive this month, with an asking price of $349 (OD 108); $540 (OD 108 T); $429 (OD 706 V), and $665 (OD 706 VT), respectively.

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