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Focal introduces Utopia, Elear and Listen headphones

utopiaThe world does not consist of solely your city, state or country. We are living in a global village in the here and now, and hence, it is far from surprising to see the likes of Focal, a leading French speaker and headphone manufacturer, introduce not one or two, but rather, three pairs of premium headphones. These three will be known as the Utopia, Elear and Listen.

Focal’s high-end headphones did not come about by chance. Rather, they were the result of more than 35 years of development and manufacturing of loudspeakers in France, and Utopia is one of those models where no expense was spared during its development in the quest for the ultimate listening experience.

What is so special about Utopia that will hopefully live up to its name in terms of performance? It is the first full-range loudspeaker in a pair of headphones in the world. In other words, this open-back reference headphones have been specially to offer the ultimate listening experience for even the most critical audiophile, where it makes it far more than just an ordinary pair of headphones.

Focused on the ideals of perfection, no stone was left unturned in the creation of Utopia, where even the raw materials were also looked into, in addition to the construction of the drivers, the padding used in the ear cups, and the leather used to wrap them for the ultimate comfort. Heck, even the quality of the cable and packaging used were inspected so that Utopia is given a premium look and feel.

Its driver will make use of beryllium that is 30 times higher cost than gold, where it will boast of a completely open front and open back design. When used alongside a proper headphone amplifier/DAC, it will feature a frequency response from 5Hz to 50kHz, and since the driver assembly is so light, it is able to vibrate 50,000 times per second, resulting in some of the most airy, open-sounding, yet sonically accurate music in any genre.

The Utopia is set to retail for a whopping $3,999, while the lesser Elear is going for $999 a pop with the new Listen headphones being the most affordable of the lot, sporting an asking price of $249.

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