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Focal introduces first Sphear in-ear headphone

sphearFocal of France has just announced that they will be rolling out what is very well their maiden foray into the in-ear headphone market, and that particular effort will be known as Sphear. Sphear would be a follow up to the successful and well-received over ear headphones in the Spirit line, where Focal has decided to build the Sphear straight from the ground up, with the aim to go up against a pair of pain points of discomfort where other in-ear headphones are concerned, namely excessive weight and volume at the ear canal.

Two years of development and thought went into taking the new approach, where it affects not only the design of the headphone where sound quality is concerned, but also in relation to how it interacts within the ear canal itself, resulting in a lightweight alternative. Focal has an innovative concept where the Sphear’s shape is concerned, as it makes use of memory foam tips located on the front that will adapt naturally to the ear, at the same time an extended housing located at the back will shift the weight of the headphones to the outer ear. Such a particularly bulbous shape would make it possible to sport a larger 10.8mm driver, where it will be elegantly adorned with Focal’s logo. Thanks to this new design, Sphear would have successfully provided both comfort as well as surprising tonal balance that supposedly is never heard before in this style of headphones.

Sphear would maintain Focal’s historic acoustic signature, where it is referred to as the “Spirit of Sound”, sporting a particularly rich mid-range, at the same time slightly increasing the bass level for mobile use where noisy environments are concerned. Such unique in-ear headphones offer harmonic richness from the low-end to the high-end for true listening pleasure while maintaining a sound profile which is extremely faithful to the original music.

Each $179 purchase will come with three pairs of silicone tips (size S, M, L), three pair of memory foam tips (size S, M, L), a two-prong airplane adapter and a rigid carrying case that protects the earbuds while on the go.

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