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Focal announces 300 Series of in-wall/in-ceiling speakers

focal-speakerDoes audio play a very important role in your everyday life at home? If you have answered in the affirmative, then chances are pretty high that you would like to see – nay, hear some great sounding tunes regardless of where you are at home. You can do so by investing in some pretty high end speakers all around the house, or you can also opt to have an electrician drop by to fix some of the newly announced Focal 300 Series of in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. These speakers will boast of the company’s signature sound profile, where the 300 Series makes use of a Flax sandwich cone in a two-way configuration which will be able to deliver a natural sound and incredible definition.

There is a trio of new models in the 300 Series ICW speaker lineup, where they comprise of an 8”, 6” model and a 4” model; namely the 300ICW-8, 300ICW-6 and 300ICW-4 respectively which will be able to maintain Focal’s historic acoustic signature, referred to as the “Spirit of Sound.”

As for the two new models in the 300 Series, these were specially created with both music lovers and home theater lovers in mind, where they are able to be used both as a stand-alone hi-fi system with a pair or more speakers or in combination with already installed products as the front, rear or center channel speakers in a multi-speaker setup.

Focal has also completely redesigned the method for installation with its Easy Quick Install (EQI) system in the 300 Serise, which would make it a snap for users to install the products without the need for any tools beforehand, where all that is required after the initial hole is cut in the wall or ceiling is to shove it in. The mechanism that is composed of two parts, a mounting frame and the loudspeaker, will see the mounting frame fixed to the wall or ceiling using mounting brackets, giving them a benefit of being able to manipulate them with one hand and once fixed in place, while the loudspeaker can be quickly attached to the mounting frame thanks to a quarter-turn locking mechanism. The new 300 Series will retail for $799, $699 and $599 each, respectively. Not cheap at all, but they get the job done well enough.

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