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The FOBO – smart tire pressure monitoring system


Sometimes we neglect the smallest things that can create huge problems for us down the road, quite literally. If we’re honest, most of us don’t know a single thing about cars aside from how to put gas in the tank and how to put air in the tires. If you don’t make sure your tires are equipped to deal with changing weather and keep them inflated, you can have a tire pop, deflate, or leak slowly but surely until you’ll need a spare.

If you’d rather avoid any issues with regards to tire pressure, then the FOBO tire pressure system can take over for you. These are valve stem caps that will monitor your air pressure day and night to make sure nothing is amiss. They can be installed in five minutes, as you only need to put them on and walk through the instructions on the corresponding smartphone app. The real magic of it all is that you’ll be getting updates on your phone when things are starting to become dangerous.

There is a theft deterrent which is a mechanical lock nut, and there’s a cloud-based ID lock. The nut would need a wrench to be taken off, which isn’t too hard to find, but the cloud ID locks the sensors so it can’t be used, and will let you know if it has been stolen. You can use these on multiple vehicles that have 2, 3 and 4 wheels, and you can share the information from the app with up to 100 people. It will cost you $99 for a set of two for a bike, or $229 for a car.

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