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Flyrad is one extreme motorized unicycle with rollerblades

Clearly, I am not “extreme” enough to try something like the Flyrad.

I admit that I once had a skateboard, but I was never one of those Thrasher guys with sidewalk burns on their legs. I guess I always tried to be too safe on the board.

The Flyrad is made for those who really want to try something really risky, and you can see how it works. The user has a motorized unicycle which he or she keeps in front of him. This provides the propulsion required to move the rollerbladed user anywhere the pavement will take them.

Just think of it as water-skiing on land, but you are actually holding the boat in your hands. By the way, you can also sit on the motor unicycle, and ride it with the rollerblades, if you dare.

Man, this looks like something that I would see at skate parks, making the other skateboarders and rollerbladers look like wimps.

I don’t know what the Flyrad motor unicycle runs on, nor how fast it goes. Let’s just say that it is fast enough to get you hurt. I also don’t know how much this costs, or if there is any plan on putting the Flyrad into mass production.