Flyboard lets you fly like a bird, swim like a dolphin

Some of you might remember our report on the JetLev Flyer, a jet pack that used water for propellant. Similar in design is the Flyboard.
The Flyboard doesn’t put all the thrust on the back, but puts it on boots. Not only that, the user has hand jets so he or she is capable of some seriously cool stunts. I would imagine that learning control of it is like how Tony Stark learned to fly in Iron Man, but the crashes are a little softer.
You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you can see how cool it really is. You will note that the user can essentially fly above the water like a bird, and swim in the water like a dolphin. Yes, I’ll bet all the animals don’t know what to make of the Flyboard.
As you might have noticed on the video, there is a certain umbilical contraption attached to the pilot/swimmer here. Apparently, this can connect to any jetski with a 100 horsepower motor.
The price of this is about $6,600, which is pretty expensive, and that does not include the jetski. We talked about how Richie Rich is the only one who can use the JetLev Flyer, and I am guessing the jet set crowd is the audience for the Flyboard.