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Fluance XL5F high performance 3-way floorstanding speakers set to rock and roll

fluane-xl5fThere comes a point in time in a man’s life that he takes stock of the situation at hand, and wonders whether he has done all that he would like to do. Perhaps it is time to embark on a very, very different adventure, and maybe the home needs some remodelling as well. If you are thinking along these lines and realize that the only sound system you have in your abode are your computer speakers, it is certainly time to take stock of the situation and check out the new Fluance XL5F high performance 3-way floorstanding speakers.

The XL5F high performance 3-way floorstanding speakers will make use of only superior components (what else did you expect?) and expert audio engineering, allowing it to be a testament to the performance that can be achieved when passion for sound excellence meets equally dedicated people to see the vision through.

Each component found in the XL5F has been specially tuned and perfected, allowing it to create immersive sound reproduction that skillfully caters to consumers’ audio needs. These speakers are more than capable of producing harmonious listening experiences thanks to a natural sounding 5 inch midrange driver and powerful 6.5 inch polymer-treated woofers, and when merged with high-end Neodymium balanced tweeters, the XL5F will then deliver rich, room filling sound with captivating clarity that far exceed its price point.

The XL5F does best in making sure that users hear the finest details, including that of a calm wind or a soft whisper. Its can reproduce crystal clear dialogue and vocals to ensure a cinematic experience like no other, where audio is always delivered in a controlled, smooth and never too aggressive manner. Not only that, the XL5F has been engineered to satisfy the aesthetics department, as they look as good as they sound, thanks to a meticulously-crafted audio-grade MDF wood cabinet design. The asking price for the XL5F speakers stands at $399.99 for each pair in either Black Ash or Natural Walnut trims.

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