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Fluance SXBP High Definition Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers needs no shrink

fluance-speakersWhen it comes to audio quality, the sky’s the limit, basically. You can never quite tell just how much someone is willing to fork out when it comes to making sure that they are able to hear just about the best kind of audio playback that money can buy, and in recent times, surround sound speakers have come under the spotlight. Having said that, the folks over at Fluance have come up with what they call the SXBP high definition bipolar surround sound speakers, where these will retail for $149.99 a pop. Definitely far from being nigh unaffordable for the masses, it will yet pack in quite a punch that should deliver a whole lot of bang for your hard earned buck.

Thanks to the SXBP’s unique and special bipolar speaker configuration, it creates a widely dispersed three dimensional soundstage for optimum surround imaging. This will be achieved thanks to a couple of sets of drivers that are on opposing sides of the cabinet, and it ends up in widespread surround sound throughout an entire room. Definitely an ideal combination of direct and indirect sound as well as a unique surround ambiance, as the SXBP will do away with dead spots, so that just about everyone will be able to enjoy every thrilling, chilling sound.

The SXBP high definition bipolar surround sound speakers themselves will come with dual high-end neodymium balanced silk dome tweeters which deliver accurate high frequency response, sporting dual 5” polymer treated drivers with butyl rubber surrounds audio-grade MDF wood construction in order to have it create a more accurate, powerful and natural sound.

The SXBP itself will be made out of audio-grade MDF wood construction, where this significantly reduces cabinet resonance and distortion for impeccable, more natural sounding audio. It will arrive in black ash or tan wood finishes, making it the ideal addition to any home theater system. There is also an industry leading full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer’s direct warranty with a 30 day risk free in-home trial, making sure that each person who brings this home will be pleased as punch.

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