Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth speaker is also an elegant fashion statement

Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth speaker

There are Bluetooth speakers, and then there are Bluetooth speakers. Just like many different kinds of Bluetooth transmitting devices that are in the market, there are different ranges available for the consumer to choose from, and the same applies to speakers. Fluance is a name not to be trifled with, and they have just announced the new Fi70 Bluetooth speaker that intends to make a statement no matter where you place it in your office or the living room. The Fluance Fi70 will harness the power of incomparable audio to deliver true enjoyment for your ears.

The Fluance Fi70 holds the distinction of being the world’s first wireless speaker that will be able to hold dual 8” woofers which will help push the limits on all bass driven tracks, ensuring that one gets to enjoy concert rivaling performances which are sure to reinvigorate consumers’ passion for music. Being an evolution of Fluance’s critically-acclaimed Fi Series, the Fi70 has been specially engineered to recreate the music user’s love with harmonious perfection. It does not matter if you are about to indulge in the elegance of a jazz performance to the raw power of a live rock concert, the Fluance Fi70 has resulted in a new expectation in home audio.

One can stream music wirelessly from services such as Spotify and Pandora, as well as to enjoy pre-loaded tracks from one’s favorite playlists in an easy manner. Right underneath the hood of the Fluance Fi70 would be powerful dual 8” woofers, 5” woven glass fiber midrange drivers and 1” neodymium tweeters, where all of them will work in tandem with one another to offer superior sound quality that is unmatched by any speaker within its price range. There is also a 280 watt built-in amplifier that delivers big performance and offers exceptional bass response starting as low as 30Hz. Not only that, the Fi70’s ability to deliver such incredible sound enables it to replace complete home stereo systems, sound bars and other high-quality audio solutions.

The asking price? $499 a pop.