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Fluance DB10 subwoofer introduced, rocks your world

fluance-db10How have you welcomed the new year? Surely you would have partied like a wild animal, or for some of us, we prefer a more quiet and reflective moment with our loved ones. It does not matter, the march of time continues in a relentless manner. For those of us who love to party, then the Fluance DB10 subwoofer is something that you might want to consider getting for your home, as it will hold you in good stead for future parties or events.

Specially designed by Fluance, the Fluance DB10 subwoofer is able to offer cinematic, room shaking bass. It effortlessly reproduces ultra-low bass frequencies that traditional speakers are unable to reproduce in a snap, and it more or less guarantees that each single impact or explosion from action movies will be able to shake viewers to the core. In other words, any home theater system would benefit from the Fluance DB10 subwoofer if there is no subwoofer in the equation at the moment.

Being ported and precisely tuned to the enclosure and designed to reproduce both low and ultra-low frequencies, the Fluance DB10 subwoofer boasts of a solid cabinet construction that makes use of engineered MDF wood in order to deliver a warm and distortion free-sound. Not only that, it comes with a minimal footprint which also enables a pair of DB10’s to be integrated into a single system, letting you have the ultimate 5.2 or 7.2 system in order to create a fully immersive home theater experience.

The presence of a front firing driver will be able to offer longer excursion and controlled linearity, making sure that even the lowest frequencies are consistently heard on every track down to 20Hz without experiencing any unexpected roll off. The Fluance DB10 subwoofer is set to launch in spring of 2017, with its price set at $199.99 a pop.

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