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The Flow Hive Honey Harvester gives you honey on tap



If you didn’t know, bees are extremely important. We’ve come to know them as annoying little bugs that show up when it’s warm and sting us when we least expect it. However, without them we’d be in a whole mess of trouble as there would be nothing to pollinate our crops. We would also be out of honey…forever.

While we don’t want to get rid of bees, caring for them and harvesting honey has been a laborious nightmare for a very long time. You have to wear a suit, smoke the bees, crack open the hive and hope you don’t squash too many bees in the process. The Flow Hive honey harvester will make this whole affair far easier on the beekeeper and the bees. The end result will put fresh honey on tap in your backyard.

This hive will give you partially formed honeycombs that bees will fill with wax and honey. When it comes to be harvesting time, you turn the crank which will break the wax, and funnel the honey to the bottom where it will come out of a tube that you can insert into the frame. You can tell when it’s time to harvest because the frame will be full. If you’re considering helping this revolutionary movement for beekeepers, or want to become one yourself you’ll need lots of research, and anywhere from $30-600. You can’t just set this in your backyard and expect to get honey immediately, so make sure you read up on beekeeping before jumping headfirst into this.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo

2 thoughts on “The Flow Hive Honey Harvester gives you honey on tap”

  1. My husband and most of his family are now beekeepers. Someone showed me your video and I was overwhelmed. Our association, Low Country Beekeepers, out of Cottageville, S.C. does not seem to be aware of your wonderful accomplishment. Is it for sale yet? Are you selling stock in your invention? Amazing! Although I am The Bee Whisperer and would still want to keep some regular hives I could work because I LOVE my bees!

  2. Bee are social insect when they are not threatened, in our meru traditions we know that when bee comes and go round twice or thrice, that day will be very nice for you, not unless you threaten it by waving hand at it trying to kill it.

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