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The Flour Shaking Rolling Pin – making bread doesn’t have to be a sticky situation

Flour shaker rolling pin

If you like cooking at home, then there’s a good chance you’ve dealt with trying to make a dough of some kind. While some aren’t terribly sticky, many are, and not having enough flour means you’re in for a not-so-pleasant experience. Not only is the dough going to stick to your rolling pin, but you’ll have to wash your hands of all the mess and dry them well just so you can put flour onto the dough again.

To save time trying to pull dough out from under your fingernails three or four times in an hour, this Flour Shaking Rolling Pin will certainly help to keep you primed and ready. This is made of ceramic, and is hollow with a rubber stopper at the end of the pin to let you put in or take out flour. On the opposing side is a shaker to let a dusting of flour escape from the rolling pin onto your mat or dough so you don’t have to take five minutes to get more.

While this isn’t a cheap kitchen tool at $19.99, it’s a real time saver for those who really like to make sticky dough recipes. There’s also a ruler to make sure you’re not rolling anything out too thick or too thin! Thankfully this is dishwasher safe, and it can hold up to 3 cups of flour at a time. Just make sure you’ve dried this out fully before using it, or you’ll have a new sticky situation to deal with.

Available for purchase on uncommongoods

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