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The Best Floor Standing Magnifier makes your reading time a pleasure

floorstandingmagifierWhen it comes to winding down after a particularly difficult day at the office, there are many different avenues to relax yourself, and reading a good book is one of them. However, with the advancement of one’s age, there will be different parts of our bodies that will also start to fail us, eyesight included. This means having to purchase some prescription glasses, or perhaps also take other proactive steps when reading such as picking up the $129.95 Floor Standing Magnifier.

Dubbed to be “The Best” in its category by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, the reasons are pretty clear (pun not intended) – as it delivered the clearest, brightest view and was the easiest model to use. Hammacher Schlemmer Institute analysts figured out that the Best Floor Standing Magnifier provided the sharpest magnification of images and text, whereas lesser models came with woes of discoloration or produced a blurry view when objects were viewed through the edges of the lens. One will be able to enjoy crisp 2X magnification via its 5″-wide optical-grade lens, and it also comes with a 1″-wide bifocal that delivers 5X magnification, making it ideal for reading fine print or working on intricate crafts. There is a flexible gooseneck that is easy to adjust to the desired angle, and its lens was extremely easy to raise or lower.

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