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Floating Pool Cloud makes you feel like Mario

floating-pool-clubThe world of NIntendo’s Super Mario Bros. is an extremely varied one, where there are different levels and challenges across various consoles all this while. Of course, each of these levels (or worlds, rather) will come with a unique design that plays to a certain theme. Clouds do feature rather prominently in select levels, and the $249.95 Floating Pool Cloud makes you feel as though you were part of the rotund plumber’s universe.

Basically, the Floating Pool Cloud happens to be an oversized pool float which ensconces bathers in a cloud of luxury. It will measure all of 72″ x 53″, making it more of a waterborne comforter compared to a smaller one-person taut inflatable which won’t do much good at all to those who would like to shift their tanning position halfway through. It delivers a cloud-like feel and buoyancy, but of course, it is rather difficult to ascertain the genuineness of that since no one has basically lived on a cloud before.

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