The Floating Flamer – Swim Over and Get Me a Cheeseburger!

I’m guessing that most of us have already enjoyed the pleasure of a water lounger and a floating ice chest and of course who hasnt enjoyed a swim up bar? Oh the pleasures of the water, sun and the sand. What could be better than all that you ask yourself… and now you actually have an answer… The Flaming Floater! Now just wait, before you guess what that means, let me tell you.
Imagine if you will, a hot summer day at the lake, your friends are gathered together, swimming and having a few beers and you launch an incredible floating grill… steaks and hamburgers, hot dogs for the kids, your buddies hanging around the grill, waist deep in the inviting water. How cool are you? Literally?
Evidently the guys that developed the Floating Flamer were sitting around outside after a few drinks (who would have guessed?) and some barbeque, and lo and behold, the idea of the Floating Flamer was born.
They made a few prototypes and did some test grilling (and I’m guessing some more drinking) and they now have not one, but two Floating Flamers that we can choose from. Floating Flamers offers a “Topless Model” and the “Grand Flamer” to serve up all the flaming goodness that your friends and family can handle.
The smaller Floating Flamer seems to be small enough to throw in your truck and go, and I can see myself being very popular at the lake this 4th of July. I can even see myself “tailgaiting” off the back of my boat. But I cant help wondering, does this thing come with an anchor?
No word on price yet, but you can head on over to to drop them an e-mail… you know, if they’re not at the lake.

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