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Flo Toilet promotes new way to poo

flo-toiletAre you the type who loves to do things differently all the time? Well, with the Flo toilet, you will definitely find an out-of-this-world method of laying a log. At first glance, it does look like some sort of squat toilet, but the Flo toilet operates in a manner similar to yoga – it helps strengthen and build your abdominal and back muscles while you’re busy letting one rip. What’s more, the Flo toilet is environmentally friendly since it requires only one-half to a full gallon of water for flushing – no guarantees if you use plenty of toilet paper to clean up after though. All water used by the Flo is recycled from hand washing sessions, where an electromagnetic ball valve will trigger the flushing of the toilet. This self-sustaining toilet will also be independent of electric power, making us wonder whether methane from our decomposing logs are the ones powering it.

Source: Gizmodo

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3 thoughts on “Flo Toilet promotes new way to poo”

  1. Ever scene what grows in the un-scene parts of a good old John Crapper(TM)? You will with this after a month.

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