Flo N’ Go Duramax Makes Stealing Gas Easy

Gas prices worldwide are out of control. In the U.S. prices recently peaked above $4/gallon. Relative to the rest of the world these prices are even considered wimpy in comparison. It’s no question that oil is on its way out as the major fuel commodity. It can only maintain its lasting power for so long. Eventually people are just going to get fed up with the prices, possibly even before the reserves run dry.

The Flo N’ Go Duramax is a portable 14 gallon gas can and fuel siphon which dispenses gas without any spillage or pesky flammable gas leaks. You can use the Flo N’ Go for much more than automobiles. Any gas powered gadget or vehicle can be filled or emptied with the Flo N’ Go Duramax’s siphoning system.

Made with a high-density polyethylene, the Flo N’ Go is both durable and rust-proof. Not to mention extremely unlikely to dent. With a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute you can fill up a 10 gallon gas tank in a matter of 5 minutes, which is pretty quick, even compared with gas stations.

While the Flo N’ Go isn’t made for shady purposes, we’re sure there are some frugal people out there who are already planning their great gas heist. Siphoning your neighbors gas tank has never been so easy. Just hope they use the same gas quality as you. Grab your own Flo N’ Go Duramax for $170.

Product Page via The Green Head