Flix on Stix puts your movie rental on a memory stick

I seem to recall that over a year ago that Blockbuster was planning on putting their movies on SD cards from kiosks. This was before they went backrupt, and I never really heard anything about that “test run”.

As it were, most people are getting their films through Netflix either by streaming or snail mail. Any kiosk rental is usually done through Redbox. However, Flix on Stix is a company that could change that.

I have a video of it after the jump so you can see the simplicity of it. The user simply goes up to the Flix on Stix kiosk and selects their film, and then sticks in a memory stick to download their video onto a portable memory drive.

You might wonder if the downloading would take a while, and the answer is yes. Apparently, USB 1.0 would take six minutes, while USB 3.0 would make 14 seconds. (Yet another reason to upgrade to USB 3.0.) These videos are protected by a “cloak of encryption” and they do not have to be returned as they are self-deleting files that will activate once the renter’s time has expired.

Apparently, the prices start at a dollar for three days, two dollars for six days, or even four dollars for 12 days. I’m not certain if those are accurate pricing figures. I suppose we will have to see if this Flix on Stix is as catchy as its name.


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