Flir One – Thermal Imaging for iPhone


There are many Thermal imaging cameras on the market, these devices reveal variations in temperature that can help it’s user’s to detect electrical failures, leaky ducts, hot motors, fire, energy loss, or even the presence of animals or people lurking in the darkness. These camera’s can help you visualize countless situations that would be otherwise impossible to detect, from useful, to entertaining, but sadly, these specialty device cost thousands of dollars.

That is, until now. Check out Flir One, a brand new iPhone device that can detect infrared energy and convert it to an electrical signal, that will in turn produce a thermal image on your iPhone screen and even provide you with temperature calculations. See in the dark, see through smoke, and even see through some substances.

The Flir One fits on the phone like a protective case, displays a live thermal image of the world around you on the phone’s screen, and it can capture both still images and videos and lets you share those images on on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social-media sites.

The case contains a battery source that can power your device for over two hours and it can also be used to boost iPhone5’s  battery life by 50 percent. Flir One is available in grey, white, or gold, and it’s sure to make you the best hide and seek player in the neighborhood. Check out the video at and then go ahead and reserve one.

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