Flipper USB Connector simplifies your USB port

We have all found ourselves jammed underneath a desk and craning our necks to try to see that tiny USB port located at the back of the computer.  Then you get the joy of trying to figure out which direction you need to put in the USB plug into the port.  Thankfully someone is making it a little easier to plug in those USB gadgets.

This Flipper USB Connector allows for you to just jam in that USB gadget without even trying.  These connectors are completely compatible with the current USB designs.  Each of the plugs offers up 4 different ports.  It makes you wish computer makers had been using this design all along.  However, at least it’s better have this late than never.  You can check these out on their website to get some info on availability.  Although it looks like you’ll just have to contact them for that type info.

Source: Technabob