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FlipFlic will control how much natural light is in your room


Do you have blinds, and keep forgetting to invest in blackout curtains so you don’t have to deal with any light in the morning? If this is you, then you have probably dealt with that delightful wakeup call of the sun rising through open blinds that you forgot to close the night before. If you know that you’re notorious for leaving the blinds open, it might be time to take action to fix it. Or you can get a robot to do it for you, either one.

If you would like to be able to control your blinds through your phone rather than reaching awkwardly to do it yourself, the FlipFlic would be a welcome relief. While I am framing it to be a one-trick pony, it’s actually much more than something that will open and close your blinds thanks to the corresponding app. This will turn regular blinds into a self-adjusting light, time, and temperature-responsive smart window.

To install this device, click it into place where the tilting wand used to be and you’re good to go. The battery is solar-powered, and comes with a window-mounted charging pad, so you’ll never need to recharge or change out batteries. These sadly don’t work with pull cords or strings, but they’re working on a new version for that very reason. You’ll be able to control how much light and heat comes through the window with ideal temperatures, control it manually, or you can set it up on a schedule when you’re away. You can either get 1 of these for $85, or 10 of them for $750 if you’re looking to make every window in your home smarter.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter