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FlipBelt Running & Workout Belt features a quartet of pockets

flipbeltWhile the FlipBelt Running & Workout Belt does not quite come to be on par with Batman’s very own utility belt since this particular belt has just four pockets as opposed to the Caped Crusader’s unique utility belt that seems to hold a whole lot of stuff all around – and just the right ones too, I might add. Having said that, this does not detract from the importance and usefulness of the $28.99 FlipBelt Running & Workout Belt.

The FlipBelt Running & Workout Belt has been touted to be the “world’s best running and fitness workout belt”, although I suppose one would have to have gone through their fair share of fitness belts before arriving at such a conclusion, don’t you think so? The FlipBelt Running & Workout Belt is a snap to wear, as it slides right on, and will sit snugly on your hips. Apart from that, a quartet of easily accessible pockets would enable the wearer to tuck in their phone, keys, gel packs, credit cards and others, while locking all of your precious cargo in place whenever the belt is flipped inward. The lack of buckles mean no uncomfortable chafing, and it is made of moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial spandex-lycra blend for added comfort. Seems that there is one less excuse to use when it comes to exercising now!