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This FlipAround Motorized TV Mount won’t make you choose between aesthetics and entertainment

THe FlipAround Motorized TV Mount

If you like having a minimalist look to your home, but still want all of the modern conveniences at your fingertips, then you need every item you possess to be as multi-functional as possible. You don’t want to get something simple like a coffee table. You want a coffee table that also functions as a desk, TV tray, and storage space thrown into the mix. There are so many multi-purpose items out there, but they don’t have to stick out like a sore thumb to be useful.

If you want a TV, but don’t want it to be a centerpiece in your home, then you should get this FlipAround Motorized TV Mount. It will allow you to showcase a picture, painting, or drawing instead of a TV, but will still give you access to the tube whenever you want to watch sport ball, the news, or cartoons. It’s a very easy 4 bolt installation, and you can choose the whatever type of art you want for one side, while the other can be whatever (relatively flat) TV you feel like buying.

This is a combination of gas and compression springs that make this flow smoothly from one side to the other for the 180 degree rotation. You can choose the profile, color, controller options, and size to accommodate whatever screen size you would prefer to have. This is not a cheap endeavor to pursue of course. It will start at around $1,798, and will quickly jump up from there based on what options you choose, the TV you want, and of course, installing the whole thing. The four-bolt installation is just the mount, and not the electrical work. If you’ve got money to burn, then this is certainly a way to do it!

Available for purchase on hvtvmounts